About wooden keyboards

e-béniste offers natural wood frames for electronic devices, turning cold, mundane items into beautiful, warm objects d’art. Feel the wind blowing through the leaves, in the heart of the forest, each time you run your fingers over your keyboard.


Each keyboard is hand made, each detail lovingly stroked with polish so your keyboard can stand the test of time and grow ever more beautiful with each word you write. Each keyboard is unique, with subtle differences in texture and pattern, just like no piece of wood is identical to another. And you can make it further your own by having us engrave a message or your company logo.

Buy one … or more

You can order your favorite e-beniste product online, and you can pay at delivery, or just call us and we will discuss alternative methods if you wish. You can also schedule an appointment in our workshop and come see the making of your keyboard.


Ash wood keyboard

400 lei

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Oak wood keyboard

400 lei

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Beech wood keyboard

400 lei

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Plant a tree with us

e-béniste sustains the Romanian forest. For each product we sell, we will plant (at least) 1 tree. E-béniste teams are going to participate to several plantations in Eastern Europe. You can join us and be part of the movement. Just send us an e-mail.

e-beniste story

E-béniste combines local handcraft with modern designs to create high tech devices from wood. At the origin of the project, 2 entrepreneurs and 1 vision. We like to call it “wood revelation”. We like to work on our products during our spare time, after work.  Long nights are spent carefully finishing each detail until our products look just perfect.

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